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Your she shed decor is going  to depend on what type of atmosphere you want to create.  There are many different ideas you can use when decorating your she shed.  Consider seating and or a bed (could be a pull out bed).  Perhaps a desk, refrigerator, TV and/or radio, microwave, table, etc.  And don’t forget the outside of your shed.  Paint it a pretty color, or leave it natural wood.  You could add window flower boxes, shutters, outdoor plants, yard decorations, and more.

Some She Shed Theme Ideas Include:

A Diner (consider a bar area, diner style booths or tables, and chairs, as well as wall decor, etc.)
A Greenhouse (include plants,flowers, and even vegetable gardens, as well as a chair and table)
Soft & Feminine Reading Room (consider sheer lacy curtains, white wicker furniture & floral seat cushions)
A Nautical Nap Room (place a twin or full bed and a chair in your she shed, along with a TV, and more).
A Chinese Tea Room (consider Chinese ceiling lanterns, a love seat, a coffee table, and a tea set)
Office Space (place a desk and chairs in there to work and relax)
Yoga Room (get away for some peaceful contemplation and relaxing moments)
A Spa Room (pamper yourself with a foot soak, relaxing music, a facial, and more)

Selection of ​Space Saving Furniture 

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She Shed Design Ideas


​Sweet Dreams & Relaxation Time

If you plan of having a sleeping or resting area in your she shed, these sofa beds are ideal for smaller spaces, and they work well in a she shed.

Selection of ​Sofa Beds

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